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Letter to Investors

Letter to Investors

  • Exploration and Production
    • DG is exploring itsĀ 60 land parcels of overĀ 3,300 km2 in Northern Alberta with innovative new play concepts.
    • Production is planned to reach 1000 bbl/day at the end of 2016.
  • Four Key Strategic Initiatives for production and Reserves Growth
    • DG will continue acquire additional land parcels in Northern Alberta focused on new play concepts.
    • Optimize heavy oil production at Hoole Field and Marten Hills through Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies.
    • Target low-permeability Devonian carbonate reservoirs at Nipisi with horizontal drilling and sophisticated modern completion techniques.
    • Explore oil-rich fractured shale rock and deep objectives in the Central WSCB, a presently very hot exploration area in Alberta of Canada.
  • Proven Track Record and Focus on Prospects with Significant Upside
    • 100% Working Interest in all 60 parcels of Petroleum and Natural Gas holdings;
    • Unlocking reserves through enhanced horizontal drilling and state-of-art completion technologies.
    • Development of multiple zone oil prospects in all prospect areas.
    • Exploring over 800 km2 of P&NG holdings in the Northern area.
    • Maintain Financial Strength, with zero debt, and fully funded exploration programs.
  • Corporate Reserves